Digital Editing

Digital editing is actually a group name, for a series of actions which make it possible for your picture to be adjusted for engraving on the mirror.

This editing optimizes the result; to make sure the picture gets engraved at it's best. When the editing is complete, the brightness and contrast are adjusted and the size of the picture is rescaled (enlarged or reduced) to make it fit seamlessly in the designated mirror.

It is also possible to use digital editing for more complex purposes such as;

  • cutting a person out of a picture
  • repairing damaged pictures
  • editing small parts of the picture that need to be altered
  • compressing multiple photos to make one bigger image
  • making collages or any other similar process.



Due to digital photography, most people take a lot of pictures. It is often very hard to find the perfect picture. The picture looks great, but the person being photographed just closed their eyes as the picture was being taken. Sometimes the camera captures something in the picture that reduces the quality of the shot. A family portrait is just not possible because family members live too far away. Or maybe a loved one has passed away and making that perfect picture together just never happened.

Our specialists can often lend a hand using digital editing. Whenever the pictures are suitable, we can merge multiple photographs into one. This actually creates a whole new image. Below some remarkable examples:


What did we do?
First we cropped out each individual and rescaled all pictures to bring more balance to all.

With enhanced photo retouching techniques we took care of the damaged picture (boy in the blue sweater), additionally we enlarged his sweater to make it fit into the new composition.

Finally we ranked all family members in a more natural composition and a due to our team a new family portrait is created.


Visualizing a passion for sailing...

Two boats, one love, a shared passion… Thanks to our team, all together in one mirror..!


The best holiday you have ever had, but you do not have that perfect picture together..!
Sun, a bright white beach, palm trees, Mother and daughter sharing moments together on one of the most wonderful places on earth and no picture together! Solved by our team and etched into a mirror together!


Picture Retouching & Repair
So, if all you have is a damaged picture which seems to be irreparable, Mirror-Engraving has the techniques and knowledge to digitally restore these flaws.  This service is included in the price of the complete digital editing treatment.

As you can see, the picture on the left contains quite some damage.  By using our ‘cloning technique’, the pixels from the existing image are transported and replaced by ‘healthy’ ones.  This way all the flaws are rebuilt pixel by pixel.  On the right you can see the result of the digital restoration. The picture looks as good as new and is now ready to be engraved in the mirror.

Below a list of things that can be altered digitally:
  • Picture damage
  • Scratches
  • Folds
  • Stains
  • Imperfections
  • Birth marks
  • Facial blemishes

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