Digital Editing: Enhancing your custom Image(s)

Digital editing is an optional paid service you can add during the order process. It involves optimizing and enhancing your custom images to come up with the best results.

Our team of creatives is proficient in image-editing tools and offers an optional service that rescales, repositions, and digitally enhances custom images-- giving you the best results.

It is a process that ensures the quality of the outcome. Engraving custom images and messages is our expertise, and we can suggest design and layout options based on your instructions.

Before laser engraving the result, we will also make sure to approve the changes to make sure our designers are on the same page as your vision.

To learn more about how the Digital Editing addon works, and get a glimpse of the fantastic results of digital editing, you can watch this informative video that will explain everything you may want to know about this service.

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What is Digital Editing?

Digital editing is a pretty straightforward concept.

Our talented team of creatives are proficient with image editing software like Photoshop, which is why we can optimize your image and come up with a layout that works best for the size and shape of the mirror-- coming up with the best possible outcome of the final product.

The prices are fixed per image, and you can make the most out the results by adding this optional service to your order.

What to Expect?

Our Digital Editing service includes:

  1. Removing and fading backgrounds
  2. Resizing and rescaling the image to fit the layout
  3. Creating seamless collages with two or more photos
  4. Repairing old, low-quality, or damaged photos
  5. Adjusting brightness, contrast, shadows, sharpness, and more

Why You Need Digital Editing

Most of the time, the best memories are not always captured in high quality.

Suppose you want that memory laser engraved onto a mirror.

In that case, our digital editing service can enhance your image by eliminating unnecessary backgrounds, enhancing blurred shots, and digitally adding details to make it look better when engraved onto a mirror.

And the best of all: All of that for one fixed price per image!

The Power of Digital Editing
Digital Editing - Before
Digital Editing - Before
Digital Editing - Before
Digital Editing - Before
Digital Editing - Before

Five pictures... One Family photo!

Believe it or not, we can even make full-blown family portraits by combining individual images. Unfortunately, not all families have decent family portraits because of distance and other unfortunate circumstances.

Our “combined family” service is the perfect example of one of the most elaborate ways we use our digital editing service… but the possibilities are still endless.

Digital Editing - Before