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A damaged order claim must be filed with us within two business days, calculated from the moment of delivery.

Any claim that is filed too late or is filed with incomplete or invalid documentation will be rejected by our insurance company.

A Damaged order?
It can happen!

In case of a damaged order, please do not worry! We ship all orders insured!

All you have to do is file a damage report within two business days after delivery.

Please read this page carefully! Because the insurance company will reject any claim that is invalid or filed too late.

Broken Mirror
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Please consider

  1. We do not deliver your mirror ourselves.
  2. A mirror is a highly breakable (glass) product.
  3. For delivery, we have to rely on the care of a third party.
  4. Despite our good care and excellent packaging, an average of 1 out of every 350 orders arrives damaged!
  5. Although there is only a 0.28% chance to receive a damaged order, it is always possible that you are number 350.
  6. If you are number 350, we fully understand the disappointment and will do anything within our power to help you!
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Always accept delivery!

in the event that you see visual damage on the outside of our packaging or you hear the broken mirror glass inside the package, ALWAYS accept delivery!

Do not reject it with a return to sender!

Because returning it to us will cause a six to thirteen weeks extra delay before we can handle your claim!

Laser Engraved Mirror
Insurance claim instructions
  1. Laser Engraved Mirror

    Delivery by USPS

    If you live in the United States, selected basic shipping, and your order is delivered by USPS...
    Follow these instructions
  2. Laser Engraved Mirror

    All other carriers

    In case you selected priority shipping or basic worldwide shipping and live outside the USA...
    Follow these instructions