A Damaged order? It can happen!

In case of a damaged order, please do not worry!

We ship all our mirrors insured! So if you fulfill all requirements needed to file a valid claim form, we will send you a replacement mirror.

Therefore you must read this page carefully.

All damaged order claims must be filed with us within two business days after delivery.

The insurance company will reject the claim if you don’t provide us with all the required details. If so, there is nothing that we can do.

Reporting a damaged order with us:

Damaged order - Broken mirror
  • We do not deliver your mirror ourselves.
  • A mirror is a highly breakable (glass) product.
  • For delivery, we have to rely on the care of a third party.
  • Despite our good care and excellent packaging, an average of 1 out of every 350 orders arrives damaged!
  • Although there is only a 0.28% chance to receive a damaged order, it is always possible that you are number 350.
  • If you are number 350, we fully understand the disappointment and will do anything within our power to help you!

In the event that you see visual damage on the outside of our packaging or you hear the broken mirror glass inside the package, ALWAYS accept delivery!

Do not reject it with a return to sender!

Because returning it to us will cause a six to thirteen weeks extra delay before we can handle your claim!

USPS mail truck

Sometimes when you receive a damaged order, you see (or hear) it at the moment of delivery.

Did you select basic shipping and was your package delivered by USPS?

In that case, do not open the package at this moment. Because with USPS, you need to take the package to a USPS Post Office in your area.

Here a USPS employee will examen the package and complete a USPS Form 2855. To do so, it is much safer to travel with the unopened package.

Once the USPS employee checked the package, you can safely open it at home to take photos of the damage.

Damaged order - step 1:

For the insurance claim, we need pictures to prove that we packed your mirror the correct way, according to our packaging guidelines.

  • Take a picture of the barcode/address label, located on the top-lit of the package.
  • If you see any damage to the packaging itself, take a detailed picture that visualizes the damage.
  • Liftoff the top-lit of the packaging and take a picture of the broken mirror while it is still in the bottom part of the packaging.

Damaged order - step 2:

If you selected our basic shipping option and the packaged was delivered by USPS, please follow all steps below! For any other shipping option, please send us an email with your pictures first.

  • Download the USPS Form 2855 by clicking the PDF icon on this page.
  • Print the USPS Form 2855 twice and complete sections one and two with your details.
  • Print the invoice that you received from us with your order (by email).
  • Now follow these USPS directions below:
  • If you receive an article that was sent from abroad that is damaged or has some contents missing, take it to any USPS Post Office™ in your area right away.
  • Be sure to bring the item, the mailing container, wrapping, packaging, and any other contents.
  • The Post Office will verify the damage and have you complete a claim form (this is the Form 2855 that you already downloaded from our website).
  • For more information see this link on the USPS website.
  • Ask the USPS employee to fill in all requested details under sections three (III - Completed by Post Office™ Verifying Receipt or Wrapper) and four (IV - Completed by Office of Address").
  • Make sure that the "Case Number" at the upper right corner is also added to the form. And the numbers 35c, 36, 37, and 38 are correctly filled in.
  • One of the completed forms will stay with the USPS postal office, the other one is yours to take home for us. 
USPS Form 2855
USPS post office

Damaged order - step 3:

When you completed all previous steps, scan the completed USPS Form 2855 (or take a picture of both pages).

Finally compose an email to info@mirror-engraving.com and attach:

  • All pictures taken under step 1
  • Scan (or pictures) from the USPS Form 2855

As a subject enter “Damaged order”. In the body text enter the following details:

  • Your order/invoice number
  • Your name, full address (including zipcode)
  • Phone or cell number where you can be reached during office hours.
  • The barcode number of the package (shown under the barcode address label of your package).
  • The USPS case number on the USPS Form 2855

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All damaged order claims must be filed with us within two business days after delivery. Our insurance company does not accept incomplete claims. So please make sure that we received all pictures asked and a completed copy of the USPS Form 2855.

When a valid claim is filed, we usually get clearance within two to six weeks. As soon as we received clearance a new mirror will be produced and shipped to you without any costs.