Thank you for serving and protecting us - A special retirement gift for police officers

Police officers in your local county or city are the ones who dedicate their lives to protect its residents from dangerous crimes happening in the community. Without them, no one will keep the peace and ensure security in the neighborhood-- leaving residents vulnerable to unimaginable crimes.

Finding the perfect law enforcement retirement gifts, just got a lot easier! So, look no further and get them this simple, but very meaningful gift that will always remind them of their best times of being a member of the police force.

Retirement isn’t always something to be sad about, it is supposed to be celebrated before moving on-- so, celebrate retirement with the perfect gift! It is a personalized gift that will remind them of the glory days of being an unsung HERO of the community.

A Thoughtful Treasure Your Beloved Police Officer Will Take Home Forever
Philadelphia Fire department engine 46 - Battalion 13 - Retirement Gift Firefighter

Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to say thanks for the great work you and your company do.

Also, here is a picture of us presenting the mirror. He really, really liked it.

I also passed on your contact information to some of the other firemen that might like to do some work with you.

Thank You & Stay Safe

John B. Flynn
Philadelphia Fire Department - Engine 46, Battalion 13

  1. Retirement Mirror - Deputy Chief Firefighter
    Retirement Mirror

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    To $337.24

    Retirement Mirror - Memories that Truly Last
    • Choose any image, text, or logo of your choice, and we can engrave them on mirrors to make memories last
    • They come in 12 different shapes and sizes, and you can choose the best one for you
    • Each and every design will come with classy beveled edges, making them perfect for home decor
    • Prepare to be in awe with our stunning layouts and designs, all thanks to our in-house team of talented creatives
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Police Retirement Gift Mirror

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Philadelphia Fire Department - Engine 46 - Battalion 13

Laser Engraved Mirrors

What makes this gift so special?

First of all, the fact that you can customize the image and text makes this gift unique and special.

The laser engraved mirrors are fully functional. Our laser engraving technology can etch images without frosting the glass surface.

These laser engraved mirrors are built with quality and style that can last for a lifetime.

Our in-house creative team does an excellent job of combining style with function.

Laser Engraved Mirror

Memories are Made to Last

Law Enforcement Retirement Gifts

These gifts are not just regular display pieces. They represent all the years of being a hero for the community.

It is a constant reminder for retired police officers that they were brave, strong, and did their best to serve and protect.

In creating these designs, we try to make it as personal as possible, so you can rest assured that each gift will be one of a kind!

Laser Engraved Mirror

A Versatile & Timeless Gift

Fully Customizable

If you don’t have a high-quality photo, you can also add our digital editing service, so we can enhance and bring out the details of an old or damaged photo.

Every mirror comes in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the right most suitable option.

Lastly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your gifts, and our creative team is always happy to help with creative decisions.

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