Laser Engraved versus Etched Mirror

Many people wonder what the difference between etching and laser engraving is. Before we explain the difference between Laser Engraved versus Etched Mirror in detail, the short answer is that….

Laser Engraving is a unique and innovative way of customizing mirrors without frosting or damaging the mirror glass, so you can still see your reflection…..

Etched Mirror

The process of traditional mirror etching will frost the glass surface of a mirror-- rendering the mirror useless, and sacrificing the reflective design element.

Laser Engraved Mirror

On the other hand, laser engraving uses a laser beam to alter the backside of the mirror. It burns tiny holes through the reflective layer-- allowing you to create custom designs. This innovative process allows us to create unique designs with endless possibilities-- making laser engraving a far superior choice compared to etching. A perfect solution that laser engraves any image in mirror.

Laser engraved vs Etched mirror
Etched images by b.a.t.’s crafts

Outdated Traditional Art

Art from the past

Etching has been around for centuries. And it is a very outdated way of engraving and customizing materials, such as mirrors, glass, and sometimes jewelry.

With traditional etching, the mirror glass will become frosted-- which means you can no longer see the reflective silver layer on the other side.

Any etching technique will cause the top layer of a mirror to frost, causing the mirror to lose its (reflective) function.

This is why we brought etching to the next level and invented "laser etching".

Laser Engraved Mirror

Laser Engraved

New and Innovative Art!

Laser engraved mirrors work from the backside.

The laser beam burns tiny holes through the reflective layer without frosting the mirror glass.

You can compare the process to printing pixels to create a black and white photo in a newspaper.

The innovative part is the ability to control the laser’s intensity as a way to engrave complex images, such as portraits, drawings, logos, and a lot more.

Over the years, we have specialized in laser engraving any photo on mirror.

Laser Engraved Mirror

Mirror Engraving

What makes it unique?

There is just something so unique and special about laser engraving a memory on a mirror-- which is why we decided to focus on laser engraved mirrors and mastered the craft!

We came up with innovative ways to use laser engraving for more customization options. And we discovered the best formula for creating quality pieces.

The combination of high-clarity glass and copper-free double-layer backsides guarantees excellent results every time!

And finally, the fact that due to this unique technique, we can laser engrave any picture in mirror.

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