Laser Mirror vs Etched Mirror

Ever since the invention of glass and mirror, there has been the art of glass decoration. For centuries, people have made decorations in glass by using sharp tools to scratch the surface of the glass (engraving), carve the glass by using an abrasive (sand blasting) or dip the glass in acid (etching).

All of these techniques have one thing in common.  They “frost” the surface of the glass.  There where the glass has been frosted is no more transparency or clarity to the glass.  These various processes are commonly referred to as etching or engraving.

Laser Engraved Mirror
Our laser mirrors use a completely different process which offers a totally different look.  With our advanced laser technology, your photo, logo or text is actually burned into the top of the mirror.  This creates a clear, almost enchanted, black and white photograph right into your mirror.

To achieve the best results possible, we use only ISO-certified, double-layered mirrors with polished beveled edges.  This mirror offers you an exquisite look to display your finest memories on.

Pictures from etched mirrors,
thanks to b.a.t.'s crafts

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