Terms of Delivery

To ensure your transaction runs smoothly, please read our Terms of Delivery carefully before placing an order and getting your very own laser-engraved mirror!


We never create the final product without the customer’s approval. Plus, we create a digital sample for each order without asking for payment. So, if you are not satisfied with the design made for you by our creative team, you don’t need to spend a single cent.

If you are worried about inputting financial information-- you shouldn’t be. We are a certified webshop, ensuring all sensitive information from our clients is encrypted and secured.

To learn more on how Mirror Engraving gives our customer’s 100% satisfaction guarantee-- read the following rules and regulations:

1. Order

For Laser Engraved Mirrors and New Born Baby Gifts, our team of creatives will make you a digital sample within three (3) business days.

Our Mirror of Moments is a different concept. For detailed information about the Mirror of Moments Package, click this link here".

If you have a pending order, please make sure to check your email regularly to avoid delays in finalizing your order.

2. Digital Sample and Possible Revisions

Within three (3) business days, a digital sample will be sent to you by email for approval. We do this to ensure the layout suits your expectations and that your custom text has no typos or other mistakes.

If you need any changes to the text or layout, you can reply to the email to request changes. There are no additional charges for up to four (4) revisions, but any revision after that will cost $15.

When you are 100% satisfied with the digital sample, please reply to the email and give us your seal of approval to ensure that your decision is final before producing the hard copy of your custom mirror.

3. Production

When we receive your approval, and you opted for the "Show me before I pay" option, we will send you a payment request by email. After fulfilling the payment, we will immediately produce the mirror, pack, and ship your order within three (3) business days.

If you opt for a priority order, we will execute all procedures (named under 1, 2, and 3) within two business days.

4. 100% Layout guarantee

We guarantee that the design we create will come out the same as the design you approved to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

If it doesn’t come out the same, make sure you take a picture of the mirror you receive alongside the final design email you approved-- and point out the differences. We can ship you a free replacement (including basic shipping costs) within five (5) business days.

5. Packaging & Glass breakage

We use unique packaging techniques to ensure that you will receive your orders damage-free. But in the rare event that you receive your package with glass damage, click this link here".

If your claim turns out valid, we will ship a new mirror replacement for free-- including basic shipping costs.

6. Non-returnable, Non-refundable, and Non-exchangeable

Our product is unique, and we make sure that every order is different based on the type of mirror, package, and the customers’ wants and needs. Although our customized mirrors come with a price, it is an excellent gift that is priceless to anyone who receives it! It can be a precious gift and a memory you can treasure in your home forever.

And because it is unique, it is a product that we cannot resell. Each order is specifically built for each customer, and we cannot sell them to anyone else-- which is why it is understandable that every final order is non-returnable, non-refundable, and non-exchangeable.

Because of this, we make sure every customer is satisfied with the digital sample we provide before producing the hard copy for shipping.

7. Terms of Delivery by Third-Party Couriers

As much as we like to, we cannot deliver our products ourselves to ensure they are handled safely.

We have to rely on expert couriers to deliver our packages, but we do our part by packing them carefully to avoid damages. However, please understand that Mirror Engraving is not responsible for the errors and negligence of late delivery of selected carriers.

8. Duties and Taxes

All of our products are produced in the Netherlands in Europe. Therefore, import duties, taxes, and brokerage fees are not included in the product price or shipping and handling costs for customers outside the European Union.

Please check with your country's customs office to determine if you need to pay additional charges.

9. Copyrights

Copyright regulations can govern any image or text. By uploading photos or text to our website, the person legally confirming that they are the original creator of the image or text or lawfully entitled to its use has not violated copyright regulations.

With that being said, Mirror-Engraving accepts no legal responsibility or liability for any third party's actions, should copyright be challenged at any time in the future. If so, we will forward any claim to the person that placed the order.

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