Thank you for your service - A Unique Retirement Gift for Firefighter

Giving fellow firefighters a special gift when they retire is an excellent way to show appreciation for all the hard work and dedication they did while in the service. A simple gesture can go a long way, and this unique retirement gift for firefighters is something personal, direct, and hits all the right places.

Gift for Firefighter

It is a gift that reminds firefighter retirees that even though they aren’t on active duty, they will always be part of the cause-- their bravery and acts of heroism will never fade.

So, instead of seeing retirement as something sad, let’s celebrate and wish them the best on their new journey with this personalized retirement gift.

A gift that will remind them that no matter what comes next--- they will always be a HERO.

A Thoughtful Treasure Your Beloved Firefighter Will Take Home Forever
Philadelphia Fire department engine 46 - Battalion 13 - Retirement Gift Firefighter

Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to say thanks for the great work you and your company do.

Also, here is a picture of us presenting the mirror. He really, really liked it.

I also passed on your contact information to some of the other firemen that might like to do some work with you.

Thank You & Stay Safe

John B. Flynn
Philadelphia Fire Department - Engine 46, Battalion 13

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    Retirement Mirror

    Starting at $48.43

    To $320.67

    Retirement Mirror - Memories that Truly Last
    • Choose any image, text, or logo of your choice, and we can engrave them on mirrors to make memories last
    • They come in 12 different shapes and sizes, and you can choose the best one for you
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Retirement Mirror
Philadelphia Fire Department - Engine 46 - Battalion 13

Laser Engraved Mirror

What Makes This Gift Stand Out?

Build Quality…

The fact that our laser engraved mirror allows the user to see their reflection says a lot about its quality.

We make our customized mirrors using modern laser technology, which allows our mirrors to function as a regular mirror-- sprinkled with the thoughtfulness of a unique and high-quality gift.

Our laser engraved custom mirrors were built to last for a lifetime and longer.

But aside from the quality, we also make our mirrors stand out and make them stylish and elegant for display.

Laser Engraved Mirror

Memories That Last

A Special Retirement Gift for Firefighters

It represents the pride of once being a hero.

It reminds retired firefighters that because they are strong, they overcame all challenges that went their way.

And lastly, it is a perpetual reminder of all the lives they saved-- thanks to their unmatched bravery and dedication.

When we say perpetual, it literally means forever.

When creating the designs and layouts, our creative team pays attention to even the slightest details to make this memory capsule a genuine work of art that you can proudly decorate your home with.

Laser Engraved Mirror

A Versatile Gift

Fully Customizable

This gift is not only for retiring firefighters, but you can also create any type of engraving you can think of….

The mirrors come in different shapes and sizes.

---and the possibilities are endless with your creativity and imagination being the limit.

You don’t need to have any designer skills-- our in-house team has your back!

You can personalize the mirror with memorable quotes, photos, logos, and more.

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