Mirror of Moments

Mirror Engraving is very proud to introduce the Mirror of Moments to our product line because we know that this unique Guest Book in Mirror will capture and preserve every moment in the best way possible.

It is an excellent display piece that doesn’t only contain your best memories but can also make your family and friends’ personal written messages last.

Regular Mirror of Moments - Newborn
Mirror of Moments

The regular Mirror of Moments package can include messages from your loved ones on any occasion.

Family and friends can write their personal messages on a secure webpage.

You can invite all the participants by sending them an invitation link via email or any other messaging app.

After gathering all the messages, our creative team will do their magic and craft designs-- using all the messages and the custom photo that reflects the moment and creating a stunning layout you will definitely appreciate.

Handwritten Mirror of Moments - Wedding
Mirror of Moments

The Handwritten Mirror of Moments package works the same as the Regular package. However, instead of typed messages, participants will send a written message through the mail, adding a bit of a more personal touch to your memory.

We will send the "MoM Kit" to you by postal mail. It will include a special pen, paper sheets, and instructions with a self-addressed return envelope. Distribute the "Mom Kit" amongst all participants to write their messages on the sheets. When finished, seal the sheets in the envelope and drop it off at the post office, and once received-- our creative team will take care of the rest.

Mirror of Moments: A Guest book in a Mirror

This mirror works for any moment, any event, and any occasion

Weddings and Anniversaries

wedding rings icon

A wedding is an occasion that we celebrate with all our family and friends, and it is one of the perfect events to use the Mirror of Moments. We can laser engrave a picture of the happy couple, surrounded by beautiful and meaningful messages.

There is no doubt that any couple would be lucky to get this #1 Wedding Guest Book Alternative on their special day or anniversary.


retirement icon

Retiring is a pretty big step in anyone’s life, and with the MoM Kit, you can make any retirement special.

Instead of being sad about a co-worker or friend retiring, getting them a Mirror of Memories gift filled with special messages, funny anecdotes, and more, is the best way to celebrate their retirement.

Bar Mitzvah, Birthday,
or Sweet 16

Bar Mitzvah & Sweet 16 icon

With a Bar Mitzvah or Sweet sixteen party, we all celebrate the moment that youngsters become accountable for their actions.

Coming of age is such an important life event, and you can make it more memorable by engraving a photo of the event and inspiring messages from their loved ones they can cherish and remember as they get older.

Baby Showers and Newborn Baby Celebrations

Newborn icon

Family and friends can write personal messages to a newborn baby, making something for them to read when they grow up.

The Mirror of Moments kit is such a memorable gift to any newborn!

Business or Recognition Gift

Business gift icon

Celebrate any work milestone, such as promotions, achievements, retirements, and more with the Mirror of Moments--

A unique gift that is undoubtedly one of the best!

Remembering a Loved One

memorial icon

Let the memory of a loved one live on forever, even when they are no longer with us

Create a memento that will last forever, such as the memories of a family member or someone close to you.

And Many More...

Mirror of Moments:
How does it work?

It is easy to get your very own Mirror of Moments, all you need to do is:

  1. On the Mirror of Moments product page, select between the Regular or Handwritten package, fill out all other customization options, then follow all instructions to finalize and place your order.
  2. Within three business days, we will send you everything you need for the package you selected.
  3. As soon as all the participants have written their messages, you can click the "Proceed to Production" button on the "Regular" order webpage or return the completed "MoM-Kit" by postal mail.
  4. Now our creative team can go ahead and start creating your Mirror of Moments order. Within 6 weeks, you will receive a digital sample of what we created for your approval.
  5. Once approved, we produce, pack and ship your Mirror of Moments within three business days straight to your doorstep.

Mirror of Moments-Kit

The Mirror of Moments Kit contains a fiber-tip pigment pen, several specially prepared paper sheets, and a self-addressed return envelope.

Digital Editing - Before

All of this comes together in a hard plastic case used to store and return your precious memories safely.

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  1. Mirror of Moments - Handwritten Wedding Guestbook in Mirror
    Mirror of Moments

    Starting at $145.29

    To $492.86

    The Mirror of Moments reflects the most significant memories and most precious moments in your life….

    • Also known as the Guest Book Mirror! A custom photo of any special moment in your life, surrounded by messages written by loved ones, family, and close friends, that witnessed the moment.
    • They are available in both regular or handwritten options for a more personal touch.
    • Each and every mirror will come with sleek and elegant beveled edges, making them an excellent display piece for a classy way of decorating your home.
    • Our in-house team of creatives take their designs seriously and take pride in what they do, so make sure you are prepared to be in awe with their stunning layouts and beautiful creations.
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