About us

It all started back in 2004. Debbie Buter, the founder of Mirror Engraving was running a small gift shop in The Netherlands, AKA Holland. Her gift shop specialized in glass engraving by hand and mirror etching-- which later evolved into the captivating laser etching technology used to create stunning custom mirrors!

But before that, there was a change in the Dutch laws banning glass etching cream, which was primarily used in Debbie’s mirror etching business. It was a challenge to overcome this hurdle, but Debbie did not give in too quickly.

Debbie Buter - Mirror Engraving

After sleepless nights of brainstorming-- Debbie finally decided to solve her problems by purchasing a small laser-engraving machine. You might not believe this, but our mirror engraving technique was accidentally discovered when Debbie’s husband was tinkering around with their new laser engraving machine.

Not knowing how to use it, he made one of the most revolutionary discoveries-- which led to these unique and enchanting laser-engraved mirrors we all know and love!

Debbie's Giftshop - Purmerend

Debbie's Giftshop

From Local Shop to Online Store

The gift shop that Debbie started began to gain popularity as it became everyone’s go-to gift shop for buying anniversary, birthday, and graduation gifts. The sales were blowing up, and Debbie got phone calls from all over the country.

So she decided to open an online store to accommodate more customers, but the shipping and handling were not a walk in the park. Luckily for Debbie, her dad thought of a brilliant and cost-effective idea to ship mirrors safely anywhere in the world.

Debbie Buter & Carlo Boszhart in Debbie's Giftshop
Laser Engraved Mirror on Dutch TV

National breakthrough

Our mirror on Dutch TV

Our Laser Engraved Mirrors were featured on Dutch Television, thanks to Carlo Boszhart, a famous Dutch TV host-- who also happens to be an occasional customer at Debbie’s Gift Shop.

During one of Carlo’s visits to the Gift Shop, Debbie decided to give him and his mother a custom mirror with a photo of Carlo and her mother.

To Debbie’s surprise, Carlo introduced the product to a national audience by showing it on live TV as the best gift for moms on Mother’s Day.

Pentagon Retirement Mirror

International success

From the Netherlands
to the White House

It is a no-brainer that this revolutionary product would be quite successful in the US. Americans love giving gifts, and these laser-engraved mirrors are probably some of the most unique gifts you can find.

So after reconnecting and catching up with her old friend named Miriam, who is now living in the US-- Debbie sent Miriam one of her creations. And this event later opened up opportunities to sell her products in the US, creating Mirror-Engraving.com.

Years later, Mirror Engraving became the #1 supplier of laser-engraved mirrors in the US and its federal agencies, including the White House, the Pentagon, the US Military, and thousands of other satisfied Americans!

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