Production & Shipping

After checking out and finalizing your laser-engraved mirror order, production and shipping are the following essential steps.

As part of our company policy, we have 5 business days to design, produce and ship out your order. This process includes sending you a digital sample, revisions, and more. We make sure all orders are produced and shipped out within this period to ensure customer satisfaction.

The time of shipping will depend on your location and the shipping method you choose, so make sure you read all the details to know what and when to expect your unique laser-engraved mirror!

When will I receive my order
Here’s how the process works after checkout
Order design

Production Day 1 and 2

After receiving your order, we will assign it to one of our talented creative team members.
Then, based on your custom image and text, the designated team member will make the digital sample for you.
This process usually takes two business days!
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Production Day 3

Production day 3 is crucial. We will send you a digital sample of the final design to your email.
Now we need you to respond; this can be a revision request or your approval for production. We will not move forward without your response. So to avoid delay in your order process, please respond as soon as possible.
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Production Day 4 & 5

After your approval, it usually takes two business days to produce, pack, and ship your order!
Although our goals are to ensure that you are happy with the final design, please understand that many revision requests from your side may lead to a delay in production.

Shipping basic orders

All of our mirrors are laser-engraved in the Netherlands (Holland) in Europe. And we ship them worldwide!

We ship all orders that selected our "Basic shipping" option with MyParcel.

MyParcel is a Division by PostNL, the #1 premium postal carrier in the Netherlands.

For delivery in foreign countries, PostNL uses a global network of premium local partners.

MyParcel / PostNL

To track orders that selected the "Basic Shipping" option, you can track your order by clicking on this link.

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United States - USPS

PostNL’s US partner is the United States Postal Service, and it usually takes 4 to 9 business days to receive orders in the United States. For more info about tracking your order via USPS-- click here.

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More detailed information about the basic shipping procedure can be fount here: When will I receive my order?