World Animal Day

October 4th is World Animal Day. Here in Holland, we call it “Dierendag” (translated as Pet’s day).

It’s a day on which you pamper and spoil your Pet. You can do that in different ways; you can cuddle your pet longer or give him/her some delicious cookies and sweets, or have an extra-long walk with your Pet.

As a child, we had different pets at home, but mostly birds, like a parakeet or canary, water turtles, or small fishes. Later, when WJ and I had our own house, we had a parakeet and a miniature apricot-colored poodle called Cinderella for short Cindy. Cindy was our first “baby”.

We picked Cindy up at a farm, where she was walking between the cows in a stable. When we started our family, we also had rabbits and some quail, which the kids loved.

World Animal Day - October 4

Cindy & Roxy are no longer with us

In the Netherlands, World Animal Day is similarly well known as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. So, while raising up our kids, we always did something special to make the boy’s aware of this special day for animals.

We had Cindy for 15 years; unfortunately, she died at the groomer from a heart attack. We all were devastated and so sad, we buried her in our back yard, so she always would be with us.

After a few months, we decided to get a new puppy. We got another miniature poodle, but this time we had a black one. As she was a little older (three months), she already had a name, Clara. We didn’t like that name as it sounded like a name for a cow, so we all decided to call her Roxy.

Roxy had a family tree and had already won some contests. She also had been groomed like a real poodle. We wanted Roxy to have an everyday life and play and do what she liked to do. When her hair grew longer, we had her groomed in a regular cut, and we did not attend contests with her. Poor Roxy only was 11 years old when she died. Again we were crushed and buried Roxy next to Cindy in our back yard. Ever since it is a tradition in our family to remember all our pets on World Animal Day.

Queen Maggie Mae

After weeks of dubbing, if we would get another puppy, I saw an advertisement from puppies; the puppy was a crossing between a Maltese and a Chihuahua, and of course, I fell in love immediately with the puppy.

So we stepped into our car and after a two and a half hour drive we picked her up and called her Maggie Mae.

Maggie is 12 years at the moment and is still here with us. I hope she will be with us for many, many more years.

Now our three sons are out of the house, Maggie is the Queen of the house, and we spoil her every day. We often say that she has no clue that she is a dog, but she is like a baby to us; Sooooo loveable and cuddly.


World Animal day is for all kinds of pets

People nowadays can have all kinds of pets; WJ used to have ponies, horses, a goat, and a lamb as a pet. A few weeks ago, we visited someone who had alpacas as pets. We took our two grandsons to see them, and they loved it.

The mission of World Animal Day is “to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe”. Which is a good thing I believe, because some people have stranger pets like snakes, frogs, salamanders, or even wilder animals like crocodiles, monkeys, tigers, or lions. It reminds me of the bizarre “Tiger King.” docu-series on Netflix.

I could not believe that people keep those kinds of animals as a pet. I think it’s crazy because those animals belong in the wild or a zoo. It’s scary to think about what will happen if one of those animals breaks loose.

What makes me laugh

What makes me laugh are clothes for pets. Here in Holland, it isn’t common to dress up your Pet, although some do. When we are on vacation in the USA, I love it when we are in a mall and see a stand with dresses, sweaters, hoodies, and costumes for the pets. They even have boots, socks, pajamas, and hats for them. I know Maggie Mae doesn’t like to wear clothes; she wants to be her furry self.

In our hometown, on World Animal Day, children from the Roman Catholic church can bring their pets with them to the mass, but this year, because of Covid19, the children can dress up as a pet as Pet’s are not allowed in the church this time.

A BIG HUG to all of you, and please STAY SAFE,

PS: We also make precious pet mirrors for any occasion or to remember your lost pet…