1. Blog #008 US Air Force Birthday
    Categories: Military & A word from Debbie

    Blog #008 US Air Force Birthday

    US Air Force - Encounters that impressed me During this week's research for my blog, the US Air Force came to my attention. As a newbie blogger, I created an event calendar to keep track of all interesting worldwide events. As it turns out on September 18, it's the Air Force Birthday. I had never heard of the event, but...
  2. Blog #002 - Israel del Toro
    Categories: Military

    Blog #002 - Israel del Toro

    "Israel Del Toro gets an apology after being refused entry". "Israel Del Toro", when I see, hear, or read Mr. Del Toro's name, it always triggers me. Reading a COVID-19 related headline from July 2, 2020, on the Military Times website, Mr. Del Toro's name came to my attention. I was upset by the story because Mr. Del Toro is...

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