Mirror Etching

Mirror Etching - History

The history of Mirror Etching begins around 1835. In that year German chemist Justus von Liebig invented the first modern flat mirror.

This gentleman perfected the technique of applying a layer of metallic silver to the back of a pane of glass and used the chemical reduction of silver nature to achieve this.

The Europeans invented the etching process in the Middle Ages, but may even go back to ancient times. Developed to decorate metal items, plates, and glass.

Picture thanks to:
Alois Löcherer - Zeno.org

Due to Mr. von Liebigs' invention, a flat and crystal clear mirror was a fact. This inspired creative minds to decorate these unique flat mirrors. The most commonly used techniques were:

  • Strong acid (Mirror Etching).
  • Blur the glass side with sand (Sandblasting).
  • Scratch the glass surface with a sharp object (Mirror Engraving).

All these techniques have one thing in common. On all etched parts, the glass is blurry ("white") and non-reflective. For this reason, they are also known as frosted mirrors.

Mirror Etching vs Laser Etching

Mirror Etching, by Laser, is a whole new invention.  An invention that, cannot be compared with the old concept of mirror etching (frosted mirrors).

In the first place, the laser beam burns tiny little holes through the reflective silver layer on the back of the mirror. Due to this process, the front of the mirror is not affected by the laser, therefore maintaining full reflection.

Secondly, after the laser process is finished, all "burned laser holes" are filled with a special coating. This coating adds contrast to the mirror.

As a result of this, we Laser Engrave any Photo, Logo or Text into a mirror at an unrivaled quality. That makes it such a unique Gift! Because every time you look into the mirror, there is the confrontation with yourself and your choice of engraving.

Laser Etching a unique Gift!

Most interesting is the story behind our Mirrors. Take a minute to watch the inventor, tell of the discovery of our unique mirrors.

Born out of pure luck, during one of the worst episodes in the creator's life, but most importantly, made with passion and love.

Using that same passion we will also create your mirror, that is what makes such a unique Gift!

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