Unique Personalized Military Gifts in Mirror

Military Gifts

Military Gifts can be found all over the web, and therefore, in the first place ask yourself, is the person you have in mind "a regular person"?

Because, if you are honoring a true hero. Someone who serves the country with selfless distinction, then they deserve a gift that reflects the personality and delivers the WOW!

A Unique Personalized Gift

Firstly, the uniqueness of our mirrors is the fact that we personalize them with any custom picture or text. Unlike etching, our laser engraved mirrors keep full reflection and mirror function.

Therefore it the most unique personalized gift ever! Because every time you look into it, there is the confrontation with yourself and the remembrance of your choice of engraving. That is what our mirrors do! They remind you.... they reflect you...!

Without a doubt, we are the finest source for individually personalized mirrors in the whole world! Not one of all the other Military gifts out there can compete with that!

Proud: Tyndall Air Port surprises Purple Heart War Hero Israel Del Toro with one of our mirrors!


My Military Gift? It is Just that Easy!

Our website states "no difficult online design hassle". All you have to do during the order process is to upload any custom image and text!

Based on your order we will make you a design suggestion and send through by email. It is just that easy!

Ideas for Military Gifts:

  • PCS Gifts
  • ROTC Gift
  • Promotion Gifts
  • Retirement Gifts
  • Army Graduation Gift
  • Gifts for Veterans
  • Military Farewell Gifts
  • Change of Command Gifts
  • Personalized Military Gifts
  • Gift for a Commanding Officer

Non Military Occasions

No matter if it's for an official military occasion, or a private matter, like birth, birthday, proposal, engagement, wedding or anniversary. Alternatively, if you need a special remembrance of your pet or a loved one, this is that one special gift!

Laser Engraved Mirror

Our Laser Engraved Mirror bears no comparison with an Etched Mirror! Our unique laser technology allows us to etch any image or text through the back layer of the mirror. As a result the glass side of a Laser Engraved mirror remains intact, therefore the mirror keeps it's full reflection. More beautiful to look at and easier to clean.

The Story Behind our Mirrors

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