Image in Mirror

Mirror-Engravings do not only offer laser-engraved photos. But we can also laser-engrave any type of image onto a mirror– which gives you endless possibilities with our Image in Mirror products!

We can laser-engrave company logos, any vector-based image, drawings by professionals, drawings by kids, scans, blueprints, paintings, NFTs you own, and basically any digital image! Our Image in Mirror creates limitless gift-giving possibilities and the only limit is your creativity.

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Image in Mirror by Mirror Engraving
No matter what the occasion is, you always have a unique gift to give

Finding the perfect gift for someone is challenging, especially if you are giving something to someone who seems to have everything. Because you can choose any image for your gift, you can give your loved ones a unique gift that they will surely not have but be happy to receive!

If you are not sure about getting your image in mirror, there is no need to worry. Our custom image creation process is risk free and you don’t need to pay anything unless you are 100% happy with our digital sample.

But even so, we are confident that you would love what our in-house team of creatives can create for you!

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Image on Mirror

If you have a memorable photo, text, quote, drawing, or any other image that you want to keep forever– our laser-engraving process can etch any photo at pixel level without damaging the mirror’s reflective functions.
We can immortalize your digital image and create the perfect display piece for your home or office.
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How Does Laser-Engraving Work?

Our laser-engraving process is a complicated task that we developed in our gift shop.
We found a way to precisely control our laser on a pixel level, opening up the possibility of ething any image on a mirror without ruining the mirror and losing its primary functions.
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The Best Gift

Our laser-engraved images make the best gifts that immortalize memories.
Whether you want a gift for yourself, a family member, or a friend, we can create the best and most versatile gift that you can give on any occasion.
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