Text to Engrave

If you would you like to have text in your engraving, please enter your text in this box. You may enter as much text as you like. There are no additional costs for text.

Even though there are no limitations on text, we advise you to be aware of the selected mirror size. We can't engrave a poem of two pages and an image in a 8" x 8" mirror. If you are planning a large amount of words (like a poem), we advise you to make test page first in a word processing program (like Microsoft Word or Apple's Pages).

Setup a new document with the same size as your selected mirror and enter your text. If your text fits that way, and still is readable in the selected font and font size, it will also fit in your mirror

The text and punctuation will be engraved exactly as you have entered the text here. We will NOT ALTER your text due to errors in spelling or grammar.

If you have text for multiple positions, please seperate and number your text blocks. For example:

Line 1: Congratulations on the 10th anniversary.

Line 2: On behalf of name1, name2, name3, name 4, etc

Important: Use the "Text box" only for the actual text that is to appear in your engraving. You must specify text locations or engraving instructions in the "Instructions box" below.

Before we start manufacturing your actual mirror, we will create a digital sample for you to approve. This digital sample will be sent to you via e-mail and it is your responsibility to check your text for accuracy. During creation, characters could be lost or mixed up due to the copy and paste process. That’s why we send you a digital impression to check. If you have comments or changes regarding your digital sample, simply let us know and we will adjust it. We will not begin manufacturing your mirror until we receive your full approval.

NOTE: Text can be governed by Copyright regulations. As such, Mirror-Engraving assumes that all text entered is free of any Copyright restrictions. By entering text to the site, the person doing so, is legally confirming that they are the original creator of the text or that they are legally entitled to its use, and as such have not violated copyright regulations. Mirror-Engraving accepts no legal responsibility for the actions of any third party should copyright be challenged, at anytime in the future.

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