Mirror of Moments Image

The basic concept of the "Mirror of Moments" uses handwritten texts of guests expressing themselves about "The Moment".

"The Moment" could be anything; The first look at the new born baby, a poem, birthday wishes, kind words for the newly weds, etc.

This together with a date and Name of the newborn or the happy couple, the name of the event or occasion makes the Mirror of Moments an inspirational touch for any significant moment in your life to remember those special Moments.


Beside the handwritten texts of your guests, it is also possible to add an picture, company logo, or any image you like. And this could be any images, because the Mirror of Moments is suitable for any significant moment.

An image for a Wedding Mirror of Moments, could be a picture of the happy couple. But also a picture of the church or an image of something that inspires the bride and groom. But for a corporate event it could be a company logo or picture of the the new factory building.

This makes the perfect addition for remembering moments like a birth, baby shower, graduation, marriage, anniversary, retirement, memorial, sympathy and many other special occasions.

After you placed your order, we will send you our "Mirror of Moments kit" with clear instructions how to send us your image after your event. So you can send us an image of the actual moment.




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