Party Time

OMG, I LOVE Halloween!!!!

In Holland, most children only celebrated Sint Maarten (November 11), a real child’s event.

Instead of wearing a costume, the children all make a lantern at school or buy one. Then they go by the houses to sing their song and get a treat.

But in the past few years, things have changed, and Halloween is a unique event in our home town now.

The children don’t do the trick and treat thing because that is with Sint Maarten, but they have a march that starts at a big church where children gather in costumes and walk a route through spooky allees, graveyards, and scary places.

The children love it, and each year the trail gets bigger. Lots of children from surrounding villages come to experience the Halloween walk too.

I think in the next few years, Halloween also will be a celebration for us in Holland.

Our first introduction to Halloween

We ask the lady at the hotel what the purpose was for the scary homes. She told us all about Halloween, and of course, we went outside all evening and watched the children dressed up in their amazing costumes and getting trick or treat.

We loved it, just like seeing that lots of the parents were wearing costumes too. The parents told us that they had their party later that evening.

Liberty of the Seas

October 31, 2011, WJ and I had our first Halloween experience on a cruise ship, The Liberty of the Seas, and OMG; WE LOVED IT!!!!!!!

It was fun looking for a costume beforehand but wearing it on the ship was outrages. All guests and crew members in costumes had a parade over the ship’s promenade deck.

Afterward, we had a big party. Even Puss in Boots, Shrek, and Princess Fiona were attending the party.

Mariner of the Seas

A few years after our first great experience with Halloween, we went on The Mariner of the Seas, another cruise with a group of 30 of our closest family and friends.

We made sure we were on board for Halloween. What fun it was to see everyone in their costume. Sometimes we had to look twice to see which family member or friend it was as we didn’t know upfront which costumes they were wearing.

Everyone wanted to take pictures with us.
This time, many cabin doors throughout the ship were decorated as people took their spooky decorations with them.  Again we loved every minute of Halloween.

Halloween 2020 & COVID 19

It is sad to hear that most Halloween 2020 events and parties are canceled this year due to Covid 19.

To compensate for this “Covid19-misery”, I have something special in mind that we rarely do.

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I hope everyone stays safe and healthy, and we can celebrate Halloween next year and have twice as much fun.

A BIG HUG to all of you, and please STAY SAFE,

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