Color Engraving

By default, all mirrors have a black & white engraving!

Even if you provide us with a colored image for your mirror, the engraving will be done in black and white. It is NOT POSSIBLE to do a color image laser engraving.

However, it is possible to use additional colours as long as the part to be engraved consists of one “full-solid-colour".

A good example is the United States flag. The stars and stripes are fine in color, because the seven red stripes and the blue field with the stars are each produced using one solid color. No gradient exists. Sections of text, logos, drawings, or combinations of colors, can be done in color, as long as the area is one solid color


Overview Colors
For coloring the engravings, we use a special quality spray paint that only comes in RAL colors. Unfortunately, it is not possible to work with the color chart from the Pantoneо Matching System (PMS). Please see our color overview below.

If you desire one or more additional colors in your engraving, please provide the RAL-color-number (RALxxxx) in the input box “Instructions”.

IMPORTANT: The colors shown on your computer monitor may appear a little different than the actual color used on the mirror. Because not all of the colors may be in stock at the time of ordering, there may be a slight delay in processing your order. Production with multiple additional colors will increase production time substantial. Each color has to be dry before we can proceed with the next color.

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