Retirement Gift for a Sheriff

Once in a while, we receive an order that makes me realize what's so special about my company and makes me feel honored and humble. For example, last November, Ken Miller contacted us with a request to create a unique retirement gift for Sherrif Barry Virts.

Ken, Chairman of the town of Palmyra on the Board of Supervisors of Wayne County, NY, was looking for a unique retirement gift for the town's Sheriff, Barry Virts, who has been Wayne County's Sheriff since 2009.

Because we are known for making retirement gifts for the military and first responders, Ken was in the perfect place to make "A unique retirement gift for Police officers."

I love the challenge to make something unique

Our team knows that I love these special requests because I love the challenge to make something unique that touches the heart of both the giver and receiver. Please remind that our company originated from a small gift shop, so gift-giving is one of the reasons why we exist and excel. It really touches my heart to be the bridge to make retirees feel valued by their employers, coworkers, or the community they work for.

Ken asked if we could create a laser-engraved retirement mirror with Sheriff Barry Virts' photo along with a short message of appreciation. Seeing the special message made me curious, so I Googled Sheriff Virts to get a little more context. I was amazed about Sheriff Virts' background, and he truly deserves to get one of our personalized retirement gifts because of all the work he did in the county. Let me tell you why.

Retirement gift for Police Officer - Sheriff Barry Virts
Sheriff Barry Virts - Background information

Sheriff Barry Virts

Background information

Let me share some details with you about Sheriff Barry Virts. Here are some facts I learned about him by doing a quick background search:

  • Sheriff Barry Virts worked in all aspects of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office and started his career as a Correction Officer in 1977.
  • In 1988, Sheriff Virts was transferred to the Criminal Investigations Unit. He worked as a hostage negotiator and polygraphist, which is an incredible job with many responsibilities.
  • Later in 1999, he was promoted to Chief Deputy as the Chief Administrative Officer in the Wayne County Jail Facility.
  • In 2009, after all his hard work and dedication, he was elected Sheriff of Wayne County, and his final term runs through the end of 2021– which is why the city council gave him the best and most unique retirement gift.
Sheriff Barry Virts - List of Accomplishments

Sheriff Barry Virts

List of Accomplishments

Here are some of the Sheriff's accomplishments throughout his career, which truly amazes me:

  • He has been recognized as New York's American Legion Law Enforcement Officer of the Year in 2021 and was given the award on the 12th of December in the same year.
  • Post 120 Palmyra American Legion also nominated him to the Wayne County American Legion for his many years of providing Wayne County Residents with Honor, Diligence, and Integrity.
  • Sheriff Virts and his wife Sandy have a blended family of six adult children and ten beautiful grandchildren.



Sheriff Barry Virts - Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

from Wayne County's Best Sheriff

The Sheriff loved being on the job, and if he could– he said he would have worked until he was in his 70s.

He enjoyed the challenging work, but it was time for him to give the younger generation a chance to become leaders. In his own words:

I enjoy the challenging work that much. But when I look at our very young staff, if I was fortunate enough to be elected for a fourth or fifth term it would not be in the best interest of the Sheriff's Office as a whole and going forward.
Me staying would cause a huge gap in supervisors and command staff experience. I want the Sheriff's Office to continue to have experienced leadership, supervision and command staff going forward."

source: News10NBC

Stepping down and letting others take the mantle is such an impressive way to end his fantastic career and marks a great leader.

Whether you are a leader like Barry Virts or know someone who deserves a unique retiring gift just as much as him– we have the best options for you!

A great review
by Ken Miller

During a special Wayne county board meeting on December 21, 2021, Ken presented the retirement mirror to Sheriff Virts. After the Holidays, Ken let us know that all went well, gave us a wonderful picture of the presentation, and wrote us an excellent review:

The mirror was a great way to recognize Sheriff Virts's many years of public service in the field of Law Enforcement.

The company was great to work with and made sure that we were extremely satisfied and exceeded all of our expectations.

Sheriff Virts received many proclamations and letters of recognition from Federal, state, and local officials, but the mirror was the item he appreciated the most.

Ken Miller
Supervisor, Town of Palmyra
Chairman, Wayne County Board of Supervisors, NY

On top of that, Ken told us that the picture of the presentation was taken by Patti Holdraker from the Times of Wayne County and reached the local newspaper.

Presentation retirement gift for Sheriff Barry Virts

Times of Wayne
Patti Holdraker

I wrote an email to the Times of Wayne County to thank them for the picture and asked permission to publish it on our website, which resulted in a kind reply by Patti Holdraker:

You're very welcome.

I was so impressed with the presentation and the quality of the Mirror.

I wanted to be sure I got the shot just right, so it didn't reflect back. Happy to help.

Patti Holdraker
Times of Wayne County

Isn't that wonderful to hear from an independent journalist? Thank you for your kind words Patti.

Times of Wayne County - Sheriff Barry Virts

Personalized Retirement Gifts for All Retirees

In my opinion, any retiree deserves a gift. Whether they had an impressive career like Barry Virts or not, an employee or coworker who is moving on deserves to be remembered.

Over the years, we gained a lot of experience creating personalized mirrors as retirement gifts, and we will not stop there.

Our Laser-Engraved mirrors are the perfect gift for retired:

Retirement Gift ideas

The Laser-Engraved Mirror that Sheriff Barry Virts received is one of our best sellers. You can choose any custom image and a little body of text that best describes the person and his career. For more detailed information see "A unique retirement gift for Police officer."

However, another amazing gift would be our Mirror of Moments gift. It can also be a custom image, but instead of just one text, we can also engrave (handwritten) messages from coworkers and make these heartfelt messages last forever.

A BIG HUG to all of you, and please STAY SAFE,

Retirement gift coworker