Extraordinary corporate gifts and hiking are two things that have very little in common. Therefore, let me explain how both came to my mind.

As I wrote in Blog #001, I love to hike. This morning at 6.30 AM, my husband and I started a 12K walk.

Within 5 minutes from our house, we have beautiful meadows with ditches and small paths, where cars are not allowed.

In this area, there are many cow farmers famous for their Dutch milk and Cheese, for example like Henri Willig and every morning we pass them just after the morning milking session is finished.

Debbie's morning hike Petting some cows near the fence Monnikmeer - Holland at its best

During our walks, whenever I see cows near a fence, I can't stop myself from petting the cows, as I love them.

This typical Dutch scenery with the cows, which I see nearly every morning, reminds me that we Dutch are a bit of a strange nation.

Because, only in Holland, we sometimes reward our cows with a corporate gift. Isn't that funny?

UFAF TACP crest in Mirror to honor Tech Sgt Israel Del Toro Jr. UFAF TACP crest in Mirror to honor Tech Sgt Israel Del Toro Jr.

A corporate gift for a cow?

Yes, we make extraordinary corporate gifts! And obviously, we have also made them for cows!

The funny thing is, in Holland, the farmers keep track of almost everything. For example, they know the exact amount of milk each cow produces a day. There are some unique cases that a cow produces over 100.000 liters (26.500 gallons) of milk throughout its lifetime.

Whenever that happens, the "lady" retires and gets a special private box in the stable. The dairy company (that purchases the farmer's milk) often gives the farmer an award or a plaque to honor the cow's most remarkable achievement. Most farmers use this to decorate the cow's "retirement box."

The Gift that suits any occasion!

As you see, our Laser Engraved Mirrors, make extraordinary corporate gifts as well. This proves we truly make a gift that suits ANY occasion.

Are you not a cow, nor a farmer, but still looking for that unique corporate gift, or need a gift for any other gift-giving occasion?

We laser engrave any image in mirror, so feel free to contact us and let us surprise you with this unique gift!