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  1. Blog #002 - Israel del Toro
    Categories: Military

    Blog #002 - Israel del Toro

    "Israel Del Toro gets an apology after being refused entry". "Israel Del Toro", when I see, hear, or read Mr. Del Toro's name, it always triggers me. Reading a COVID-19 related headline from July 2, 2020, on the Military Times website, Mr. Del Toro's name came to my attention. I was upset by the story because Mr. Del Toro is...
  2. Blog #001 - New Website
    Categories: A word from Debbie

    Blog #001 - New Website

    A new website and welcome to my FIRST blog! Following months of planning, testing, rewriting and retesting, today we are excited to finally announce the launch of our new and (we hope you'll agree), improved website!The primary purpose of creating our new website is to give our current and future customers a better online experience. We felt this was necessary...

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