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  1. Remembering 9/11: A Personal Story

    Remembering 9/11: A Personal Story

    On September 11, 2001, I was in the Netherlands making drinks for some workers during a home improvement project when I saw the news on TV. An airplane had flown into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. I couldn't believe what I was seeing...

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  2. Louise Hay & Affirmations

    Louise Hay - Affirmations

    As promised in Blog #004, I will come back with the story about Mrs. Louise Hay and me. Louise Hay was a bestselling author.

    I received a personal thank you note from Louise herself....

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  3. Precious Memories

    Precious Memories - My Dad and I

    This week's blog is about Precious Memories.

    Although my intention was to write a blog about a famous person who passed away in 2017, I became overwhelmed by my own emotions....

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  4. Extraordinary Corporate Gifts & Hiking

    Extraordinary Corporaten Gifts

    Extraordinary corporate gifts and hiking are two things that have very little in common. Therefore, let me explain how both came to my mind.

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  5. Israel Del Toro

    Israel Del Toro Airey NCO Academy class

    Israel Del Toro", when I see, hear, or read Mr. Del Toro's name; it always triggers me.

    Mr. Del Toro is a true American hero. Reading his name reminded me of how honored I was with our first official Military order.

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  6. A new website and welcome to my FIRST blog!

    My first blog - Debbie Buter

    My First blog; Following months of planning, testing, rewriting, and retesting, today we are excited to finally announce the launch of our new and (we hope you’ll agree) improved website!

    The primary purpose of creating our new website is to give our current and future customers a better online experience. We felt this was necessary as our “old” website had launched in...

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