This week I want to talk about babies, precious, cute, adorable, loving little human beings.

As I told in my first blog, I am a mom to 3 sons Patrick (37), Michael (35), and Jayme (30). Of which I am very proud. They are all grown up now and have become handsome, loving, and caring men, but I still see them as MY BABIES.

The first time I held them in my arms, I was overwhelmed by love, and couldn’t stop kissing and cuddling them. Unbelievable how this little human being had lived and grown in me for nine months.

I felt so blessed that I was a stay at home mom and could see, hear, and feel every new step my sons made in their lives, from their first word till their first step.

At the age of 4, they go to kindergarten here in Holland.

I still remember that day, OMG I was so sad and cried the whole morning till I could pick them up.

But of course, the boys had a wonderful time.

At the age of 12/13, they went to high school. I was so happy the school was in our home town, so they came home again every day.

Precious Memories

Years passed by, and we have made so many precious memories together. They now all have their own family and living a happy life.

My two oldest sons have become a dad their selves, which means I am a grandma. I have three grandchildren Skye James (5), Liv Saree (4), and Alfie Blue (3).

I am such a proud grandma and love the little ones so, so much. We see them a lot; all of the family lives nearby. I look after the little ones, too; those days are one of my most precious ones. When I see their beautiful faces and big smiles, when they cuddle me and say I love you, my heart melts.

We also have a grand puppy from our youngest son; his name is Oliver. He is so adorable and loves to run, play and cuddle too. I feel so blessed and the happiest grandma in the world.

Time flies by, and all the babies become bigger and bigger too fast. So turn off your phones, switch the tv off, and take your quality time to be with your little ones. Play with them, cuddle them, tell them how much they are loved, how proud you are of them. Let them know you will always be there for them no matter what. That precious time will never come back.

Our babies are our future.
Your children will become what you are, so be what you want them to be.

We’ve made many keepsake mirrors of cute, precious babies through the years, from babies’ first ultrasound to their first picture.

Most babies have a happy story. Sadly, we have had a few heartbreaking stories too, like when we receive a picture to engrave from a premature or stillborn baby. Those babies touch my heart the most. Seeing such a precious little angel who left earth way too soon, it makes me cry.

A BIG HUG to all of you, and please STAY SAFE,